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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What made her ask that?

This morning at breakfast, my younger sister asked an interesting question.

"Mommy, who was the first person to sit in the electric chair?"

I don't know why she was thinking about that, but none of us could give her an answer. Do any of my readers know?

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annabanana51692 said...

Hi Amber,
That's a funny question, but I got curious and looked it up...

"August 6, 1890 - Kemmler is executed in the electric chair at Auburn Prison, the first person ever to be executed by electrocution. The first application of current is botched and Kemmler does not die until the
current is fired up a second time."
I got that from some website that I think got it from

I loooove trivia, including historical trivia. I'm definately going to be reading this blog!
Anna W