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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Today Dad asked me where the name "Yankees" came from. A man from England asked him about it. Here's what I replied with;

From what I've heard, back in the late 1700s, and early 1800s, colonial Americans liked to pick on the Dutch. If food was bad, it was called Dutch food. If a house was bad, it was called a Dutch house. If a man was known to have bad habits or character, he was called "John Keys" - apparently a common Dutch name.

I guess the Dutch decided that enough is enough. They started calling the other colonial Americans the name the colonials had tried to pin on the Dutch; "John Keys." All the early Americans were soon being called "John Keys."

...However, Dutch pronunciation being what it is, we all became "Yan-kees."

Now, is that story correct? What have y'all heard?



Thats quite intresting! I never relized how the name Yankee came about. :)

Amanda said...

I've never heard that story, but I guess even if it's true, it's not applicable in that way today! (Thank goodness, because my Mom's from NY, and we have a lot of family members up North, so, naturally we think "Yankees" are great! :)) That also explains why the Indians used to call all Europeans (not just Northerners) Yankees.